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 The Alphess: Shiekra

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PostSubject: The Alphess: Shiekra   The Alphess: Shiekra EmptyWed Sep 12, 2012 10:51 pm

“When the road gets rough and the sky gets jumpy and the stars start falling on top of your head and the waves start breaking against your legs, it’s the thread in your seams that’s tied to your dreams.You follow your heart, follow the leader, you’re the leader. Are you joking, are you breaking, are you shaking? You’re the next living leader of the world. You’re a wolf. Holding onto the thread. That holds it together."

The Alphess: Shiekra Screen11

Name: Shiekra xCI
Gender: Fae (Female)
Rank: Lenuri (Alphess)
Age: 4 years (28)
Breed: Timber-Tundra wolf
Anatomy: Slightly smallish, fluffy, thin, long body.
Personality: Natural born leader, stubborn, slightly strict, wise, extremely intelligent, territorial, logical, imaginative, strategic, witty, sarcastic, slightly temperamental.
Strengths: Intellect, speed, leadership skills, logic, strategy, agility, wittiness, enhanced vision, knowledge of pressure points
Weaknesses: short temper (occasional), overthinks, easily distracted, not the strongest, strict, trust issues
Mate: none
Pups: None
Mother: ???
Step mother: Aleana
Father: Guazir (not positive)

I was born in the sacred grounds... Back when Renegade was running the Candid Raiders and Generva was running Lupin Isolators... My mother, unknown. My childhood is practically a blur. All I know are the stories that my father, Guazir, has told me. According to him, my mother ran away. It was strange though... I never looked anything like my father. I'm not even the same breed as he is... It's strange... He insists that i'm his blood daughter, so I believed him. I was raised as a refugee until the age of 4 months, when my father found love in the Candid Raiders. At which point, I became a member of the pack. My new step mother, Aleana, was the perfect mom to me. She was everything I would have hoped for in a mother.
When I came of age to begin my training, I became an Ascene (trainee stealth). It was a pretty normal training life... Until my hazing...

I was hazed at age 2.5 That's 16.5 in my years. The hazing was like any other. Except that I was one of those "lucky" wolves. The spirit of Xiten was supposed to be out that night... But I knew I had to complete my hazing. It was a foggy night, the moon was full, and the howls of the guardians of xiten were echoing. This is how i knew the spirit was out. I was being attacked by group after group of my packmates, luckily my speed was on my side, for I was able to avoid most of them.

It hit dawn, the sun was not yet rising, but i knew it would soon. So I began to trek towards the hiding places closer to the camp... after which I remember hearing a noise... it was a howl... dark and mysterious... low pitched and crackily.. and it sounded like there was an extremely high pitched howl echoing it... it trailed on weirdly and I heard it all around me... it was impossible to pinpoint the location of it... my eyesight suddenly went out. All I could see was darkness, and i couldnt feel my body moving. I couldnt move at all, actually. I was stuck just standing there completely still. I heard a strange whispering noise surrounding me getting louder and louder.... suddenly... there was a white flash in my eyesight and then a completely black, smokey, figure appeared. It was the shape of a wolf... it's eyes glowing bright white... it just stood there staring at me, growling. its jaws parted, lips not moving, its voice just emanating around me every time its mouth opened. "Follow the leader... You're the leader." it echoed. I blinked in confusion, finally able to move, I took a step back in fear. I couldnt stop staring at this creature, my ears pinned back against my skull and my fur standing on end.... Its words kept echoing around me...
"Follow the leader... You're the leader." it echoed
"W-what...?" I asked
"Follow the leader...youre the leader"
"What are you say-"
"Follow the leader... youre the leader."
"What does that me-"
"Follow the leader... youre the leader"
The voice started to get louder and louder, it began to ring in my ears... It was the most incredible pain that I have ever felt. My ears felt like they were going to burst...
"Follow the leader... youre the leader."
"S-stop it..."
"Follow the leader... youre the leader."
"Follow the leader... youre the leader...."
I suddenly snarled uncontrollably, the spirit leaped at me and I went blind again.

I had no idea what was happening, but the sound of the whispering stopped. I dont know how long i was stuck in the dark void of blindness, but it was completely silent. All I could hear were my thoughts...
After what felt like hours, my vision slowly began to return after i heard the voices of my pack mates around me.
after that it was a blur until the next day... Somehow when i woke up the next morning I was the new alpha. Renegade, the old alpha, disappeared without warning. the weirdest thing of them all, though, is the fact that my pupils turned transparent the day of my hazing... after that strange experience.
I don't know why I was chosen to be the new alphess... But I got used to it. I enjoy my rank. And i play it well... But i will always wonder why that meet with Xiten happened during my hazing... and how it happened... and why he didnt kill me.... but that's my story... So far anyway."

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The Alphess: Shiekra
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