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 Dah Smexy Beast's Bio

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Wraith CR

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PostSubject: Dah Smexy Beast's Bio   Wed Sep 19, 2012 11:18 pm

Gender: Brute
Name: Wraith
Full Name: Wraith Denuimus
Nickname: Dah Smexy Beast
Age: 4
Race: Grey/Timber Wolf
Rank: Dynamus (Assassin)CR
Desired Rank: Commar(Beta)xCII
Mate: None
Crush: One
Pup(s) Adopted: None
Pup(s) Blood: None
Anatomy: Large, strong, extremely fast, and built for fighting.
Personality: Normal as long as not smart mouthed or threatened, not easily impressed, extremely wise at battle strategy, die to protect Alpha or Pack, and trustworthy.
Advantages: Wise, fast, strong, patient, low-light vision, and black pelt to stay inside the shadows.

Back Story: Raised in South Pole and lived there his whole life ti'll he moved to Fluorite Plains. His parents just suddenly left him when he was 4-weeks old he was raised by his grandparents and given a cross necklace at the age of 2-months. He left his grandparents at 3-months old and ventured out. His grandparents said they were killed by lions but Wraith doesn't believe him, he said he would find them on his own. (Must RP With Him To Learn More)

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Dah Smexy Beast's Bio
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