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 Lyle the Bipolar Juggalo :B

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Lyle the Bipolar Juggalo :B Empty
PostSubject: Lyle the Bipolar Juggalo :B   Lyle the Bipolar Juggalo :B EmptyWed Sep 26, 2012 8:10 pm

Name:: Lyle Larson
Age:: 2 1/2 years
Gender:: Brute

.:Mate to no one:.
.:Besotted, he's not:.
.:Pups you say? Hee hEE~:.

Personality:: Lyle is a bit of an enigma. Usually found wearing his trademark lazy grin and humming out of tune melody it's very difficult to pin down what happens in the head of his. He's caring in a sort of warped way that is obscured by his broken speech and evidently enjoys bringing a smile to someone's face with his antics, but beware. There are times when his bright eyes dance with wild bloodlust and none are safe from his tearing claws as no distinctions between friend and foe are made. Whether this is some sort of split personality or such urges are simply usually sleeping within him he can be extremely unpredictable. Madness you say? Well I do believe you'll have to find out.

Personality:: Lyle never speaks of his past and his life before coming to the Xiten Mesa is shrouded in mystery. Being that such a topic could be a trigger for his darker side none have dared to ask.

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Lyle the Bipolar Juggalo :B
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