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 The Spirit and the Prophet (Required to read)

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The Spirit and the Prophet (Required to read) Empty
PostSubject: The Spirit and the Prophet (Required to read)   The Spirit and the Prophet (Required to read) EmptyThu Sep 13, 2012 8:51 pm

"The light will not hide you from the darkness... For every ray will cast a shadow that will follow you until the night comes... at which point you can no longer see them... I am that shadow that follows your every move. I am the nightmare that haunts your every dream. I am the whispers you hear in the dark. I am fear... Don't try to fight me, you will not win."

The Spirit and the Prophet (Required to read) Screen20
Long ago, the land of Xiten was just known as uncharted territory... It stayed this way... Until a huge, rouge, male wolf set foot on this land. He claimed the entire area as his own... His name was Xiten... And he was feared by all. Any wolf that walked onto his land was immediately slaughtered, mercilessly. All but one wolf, that is... Her name is Mizitri. And she was the first wolf to successfully escape Xiten's killing. As soon as the fae stepped into the territory, the chase began. Xiten chased her for 3 days straight, nonstop. at the end of the third day, he stopped chasing her from the exhaustion. This fae was incredibly fast and enduring. He had great respect for her... So he decided to spare her life. The two eventually became lovers... An inseparable pair. Xiten guarded Mizitri with his life. And Mizitri healed every wound he had and treated him like the only other wolf in the world. They were perfect together... But... One day... Xiten was sitting upon his main lookout... The stone steps... Mizitri was off sleeping in their den, completely unaware of anything. Suddenly, a meteorite stuck down on the stone steps, incinerating Xiten and forming a strange structure on the steps.... He now haunts the lands as a spirit, still protecting his territory. He will kill any and every wolf he comes in contact with... If you see him... Dip your head in respect and run. If someone gets near Mizitri... He will watch them closely... if you even touch her, you will feel a sharp pain. If you argue or show any hostility in the sacred grounds or towards Mizitri, you will be killed on the spot. No mercy.

"Life is short, I know. But that is exactly how it is meant to be. Live it to it's fullest. Make the best of everything... You never know when something drastic may happen."

The Spirit and the Prophet (Required to read) Screen21
After her mates death, Mizitri ran right to the stone steps... There was a large glowing stone resting on the strange formation and nothing but the ashes of Xiten remaining where the huge brute once stood. She was in complete shock and disbelief. Because of this, she didnt move from the spot of her lovers resting place at all. She sat there, staring at the ashes until she passed out from exhaustion and hunger.... During the time she was passed out, the spirit of Xiten appeared infront of her, reviving her and enchanting her with the gift of immortality... The fae's pupils turned transparent and she slowly began to wake back up... The first thing she saw was the smokey, dark, glowing, silhouette of her former mate. His eyes glowing bright white. Mizitri was in awe at this... Beginning to tear up as the brutes spirit began to speak.
"Mizitri... I have given you the gift of the prophets... You must continue to protect this land... You are immortal. You are a healer. You can read the stars."
Mizitri would sniffle, her eyes also glowing white, she spoke under her tears. "Xiten... Will I ever see you again...?"
"I will always be with you, Mizitri... I will be guarding these lands for all eternity... My spirit will continue to watch over you until the world ends... Use your abilities wisely, my love. And dont ever fear the dark..."
With those last words... The spirit of Xiten faded away.

197 years later is where we stand now... Mizitri is now 200 years old, Xiten is 202..... Be warned if you see the spirit... He is not friendly.

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The Spirit and the Prophet (Required to read)
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